Odds and Ends

Well, we're still waiting and working. Right now, I'm taking a break from reorganizing my files--what a mess: papers everywhere! I went to get my hair cut over lunch and it turned out rather disastrously... picture a shaggy dog, and you'll know what she did to my bangs. Oh well. I guess hair grows back, right?
I just got off the phone with my fantastic aide. She said she is ready to come back to school (that makes one of us!). We're going out to lunch tomorrow so that'll be nice. I'll be able to brief her on all the changes I want to make! Hopefully I'll be a much better teacher this year than last year. I've been busy putting up bulletin boards and dusting off posters and putting them on the wall. I've decided that it's much more fun to take things down and put things away than it is to take stuff out and put it up!! I am trying to be motivated, no really, I am!
Max said that maybe tomorrow we'll go out and see a movie for one Last Hurrah of the Summer (my first staff day is Wednesday and Max's first day of classes is Thursday). I'm writing it on the blog so that the "maybe" will be "definitely" :). We'll see...


brendatim said...

Go teacher...go teacher...go teacher (did you sing it)?

2 bees said...

Hi Sarah!
Hope you have a great experience this year...sorry about the insurance fiasco!
Love, Brenda

Rock said...

After reading Max's account, it sounds as though it's time to get tough. Contact Clark Howard at clarkhoward.com. This is no silly suggestion. Do it, then tell your insurance company unless they come up with some sort of compensation, they are fired, and that you have spread the news of their wonderful service around to everyone you know.

See what happens next.

We may be Christians, but we are not sub-human.

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