Uncontrollable Hope

Back in early June, I interviewed for the only job opening in the oral deaf field in the entire state. It was for a middle school position, and I wanted to teach within my specialized field so badly that I convinced myself that I wouldn't mind teaching middle school. I did a great job at the interview over the phone (if I do say so myself), but when I found out that I didn't get the job, I didn't know whether I should cry from relief or disappointment. It takes a special person to teach middle school. I am not that person.

Since this hoopla has ended, I have made my peace with the thought of using one of my other credentials as a teacher (mental impairment or elementary general ed). I currently have over twenty applications out there... But this past week, I stumbled across another job opening in the oral deaf field (Kindergarten or preschool, not sure which)--this was big news, as there are only five oral deaf programs in this entire state (which is fortunate; some states have none), and two of them are way too far for a commute. This particular opening is in the perfect location. I sent all of my materials via express mail to meet the deadline, and emailed the director of the program. I told myself to breathe, and not get my hopes too high, but it was too late. As soon as I saw the posting, my hopes were HIGH. Higher than the clouds above.... there was no controlling it. You can't tell hopes to be realistic and to come down a little. Hopes won't listen to reason.

I thought that I had made my peace with teaching other types of kids (as opposed to deaf ones) but I suppose that this job posting has revealed my true desires. The deadline closes tomorrow afternoon, and I am HOPING and PRAYING that I get a call to interview this week. I know that the Lord is in control of everything... and I try to cling to that in the face of all of my anxiety and anticipation!

City Slicker

Yesterday, I learned that girl dogs pee by squatting, as opposed to lifting a leg (which I thought all dogs did). The wonders of country living never cease to amaze!

Back to School???

Well, it's officially happened. Stores have started their "back-to-school" advertising campaign, effectively taunting every teacher out there enjoying their summer vacation. Last summer, I felt dread at the thought of going back--I wouldn't have felt so much dread at the end of August, but in the middle of July?!? Next thing you know, they'll start advertising on the first day of summer vacation in June. Come on, people.

I complain about this, YET... I walk into the local Wal-Mart with their big "back to school savings" signs, and their middle aisles full of glue, crayons, pencil cases, etc, and I start to feel an almost uncontrollable urge to buy class sets of everything. I find myself wandering in the office section, wondering how I could justify buying a five hundred pound pack of colored printer paper, or my eye catches a pocket shoe holder and I think about all of the classroom supplies that thing could hold...

And truthfully, knowing that there's a chance I could NOT get hired as a teacher this fall actually makes me long for the first day of school. Life is a paradox.


Lots of excitement over here. The arrival of my parents from France has resulted in a frenzy of cleaning, bug bombing, shopping, and more cleaning. We picked them up from the airport last night and they are looking forward to going to the store today and getting all of their favorite American food (Taco Bell! bagels! oreos! frozen yogurt!). I anticipate they'll be wanting to see what new movies are out now... and mom and I will for sure be heading out to the mall at some point this week. Yay for summer vacation!

Application Woes

I am still looking for a teaching job in Michigan. Today, I filled out my 1,503rd online application. Each application is slightly different than the last. I'm beginning to think that California had the right idea with "EdJoin"--submit one application for all districts in the state! To annoy me even further, many of these applications I've been cranking out are asking for ridiculous information in the form of essay questions. And they don't ask for one essay question per application, they'll typically ask you about twelve questions. For two districts, I even had to fill out a type of "teacher personality/style" survey (timed! multiple choice!). Furthermore, even the little questions that I often encounter can be SO nit picky. Example: High school GPA (who remembers?), or University Student Teaching Supervisor's phone number, or Name of Your Ninth Grade History Teacher, or Principal's Social Security Number... To make matters even more frustrating, I have to upload all kinds of attachments to each application--and with the slooooow connection out here, it takes seven minutes PER upload!

I'll be SOOO glad once this is all over!

Nearing Our Five Year Anniversary

Recently, Max (my loving, loving husband) remarked that he could kill me once, or he could kill thousands and thousands of bugs for me over a lifetime. He asked me which I thought was more efficient.

He was smacked.

There Were None in California

Dear bugs,

Here in rural Lapeer, there is ample room for everyone. Behind our house, you will find a big barn that you are welcome to, as well as the corn fields, soybean fields, the pond, and the forest beyond that. In fact, as bugs are generally supposed to live outside, I feel that this is a more than reasonable amount of space for you to roam/fly in.

As we are being so generous in sharing our land with you, the following would be much appreciated:
  1. Stop dive-bombing us on our daily walks (that's you, horseflies!)
  2. Bees, stay clear of my husband
  3. STAY OUT OF THE HOUSE! Buzzing around lamps, crawling on walls and window sills, and sleeping on MY pillow will result in your immediate and swift destruction
In conclusion, I believe that we will all get along fabulously if you stick to the outdoors, and adhere to the rules outlined above. If not, we will continue to use bug spray, ant traps, fly swatters and even tissue to live in peace.

Thank you.

You Can't Take the Teacher Out of Me

I've been wanting to go the local library for about a week now, and I finally borrowed my mother-in-law's card, and headed to town today! It was 11:15 when I pulled into the parking lot, and to my dismay, it was deserted. I thought "of course, today would be the day it was closed...". I was a little annoyed, because it's about a five hundred mile trip into town and I didn't want to have to come back tomorrow. Fortunately, when I checked the library hours, they were going to open at noon so I headed over to the book store/teacher store to kill some time. Standing there, in the midst of bulletin board trim, die-cut letters, teacher resource books, and various charts and posters, I felt absolutely inspired... if only I had a classroom that I could go to and decorate and plan and organize! I'm not saying that I'm ready to go back to school yet, but it would be nice to know that I had a teaching job lined up for the fall and that there was a classroom somewhere out there waiting for me...

When I finally got inside the library, I found a delightful book called "Village School" written by a "Miss Read" (pen name). It's about a little school in the 1950's in the English countryside. I've read a few chapters already and it's unbelievable how differently they taught back then! I would be fired if I started the school day with my students each morning with a hymn and a prayer! Anyways, I feel a little weird about reading a book about a school on my summer off, but oh well.


Gizmo (our calico kitten) and
Mrs. Hufflepuff (our gray and black kitten)

Ironically, we named our cats before anyone could suggest cat names on my previous posts, but I enjoyed hearing your ideas anyway (Mom: next time we have two pets to name, Mona and Lisa will be in the running!). I wish I had a great picture to post of them, but since this internet connection is mind-numbingly slow, it was out of the question. So just picture two adorable kittens, and that will have to do.

Other than that, there is not much else to report! Still waiting on a job.... still sleeping in and lazing around the house doing nothing :).
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