Yet Another Post About the Job Hunt

... are you as sick of it as I am?

As it turns out, I didn't get the job I last posted about (the one with the family connection? remember?). But I did get called back to interview at the elementary school down the road (ironically the same one my husband went to as a child!). That was on Wednesday, and that went well. They tried to make it difficult, however, by asking me to critique a taped kindergarten writing lesson, and by asking me to design a lesson plan based on a benchmark that they provided. I felt good about all of the answers I gave, and they told me they would let me know by Monday (tomorrow). So..... I wait again.

In the meantime, there have been some fun distractions: Max's grandparents from Alabama visited with us, and my sister-in-law is back from Japan! And, as always, our three cats keep me occupied ;).

Another Chance

So that middle school resource room I talked about in my previous post? I don't think I got it, because they haven't called me yet and they said they were going to make a decision "very quickly". This rejection makes me feel totally relieved.

It also makes me feel like the elementary resource room position that I'm interviewing for tomorrow is much LESS of a scary prospect. Also in my favor? The principal who called me to set up the interview is a friend of my husband's family (at least, I THINK that's in my favor!-ha ha). She called on Friday, and it's a good thing that I had the weekend to prepare for my interview because she specifically asked for my portfolio. And I haven't updated my portfolio since 2003, before I even held a real teaching job or ANYTHING! So I've been busy trying to make myself look good on paper :). We'll see how I did tomorrow!

Desperate Times...

When I was in college, I had three different student teaching semesters as part of my program of study. The first one was in a resource room, and I decided then and there that I would NEVER do resource room because I really hated it. Well guess what? I just interviewed for a resource room position. Not only is it a resource room position, but it's a MIDDLE SCHOOL resource room position. Just shoot me now, will you?

The fact is, I'm terrified of getting this job, and I'm terrified of NOT getting this job. I officially have no more interviews lined up.

Square One

Well, I didn't get the job. I just found out on Saturday when I was still in New York. The lady said that I was "phenomenal" at the interview, but they decided to go with another candidate who had done some long-term subbing for them. Oddly, this news wasn't surprising to me, and I didn't feel disappointed about losing this specific job--I felt more disappointment about being back at square one. I just keep thinking that maybe this was the Lord protecting me from a bad team-teaching situation. I'm choosing to believe that there is something better out there for me, and I just need to wait and be patient for it... So thanks for your prayers!

In other, more happy, news, my little sister is officially a Mrs.!! We just got back from New York last night... The wedding was beautiful, the food delicious, the company pleasant. We had a great time!

Can't Wait Until the Wait is Over!

Yesterday I had my interview for the oral deaf program. I was really nervous! The interview lasted about an hour, and I think I did well. I'm happy with my answers. They said they would interview four or five more people today, and then there might be a second round of interviews next Monday (but maybe not, they weren't sure). Either way, they will let me know their decision within the next seven to ten days! I'm anxious to find out...

I found out a little more about the position while at the interview... it's a 4th/5th grade combined classroom with TWO teachers. So, if hired, I would be team teaching with another person. That could be fantastic, or it could be awful, depending on how well I would get along with the other teacher. We'll have to see what happens. Thanks for praying, everybody!

Send Me Your Prayers and Happy Thoughts

You know that teaching job that I was REALLY hoping to get? The director of the program called me yesterday, and I'll be interviewing on Monday (in two days!)!! Yes!!!!!

But I don't WANNA Go to Bed!

I didn't sleep a whole lot last night, so I've been pretty tired today. Even so, it's nearing one o'clock in the morning, and I can't bring myself to go to bed yet. My eyeballs hurt from staying open, and I'm swallowing bugs with my interminable yawns, but I'm a teacher on summer vacation and I OWE IT TO MYSELF to stay up as long as I can stand it!! One of these days (hopefully if that one job pulls through) I'll have to be asleep by ten and up by six and I'm going to think longingly of my summer freedom...

So here's to living it up! *Yawn*
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