Another Chance

So that middle school resource room I talked about in my previous post? I don't think I got it, because they haven't called me yet and they said they were going to make a decision "very quickly". This rejection makes me feel totally relieved.

It also makes me feel like the elementary resource room position that I'm interviewing for tomorrow is much LESS of a scary prospect. Also in my favor? The principal who called me to set up the interview is a friend of my husband's family (at least, I THINK that's in my favor!-ha ha). She called on Friday, and it's a good thing that I had the weekend to prepare for my interview because she specifically asked for my portfolio. And I haven't updated my portfolio since 2003, before I even held a real teaching job or ANYTHING! So I've been busy trying to make myself look good on paper :). We'll see how I did tomorrow!

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logic said...

Pretend your husband was adopted...

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