Square One

Well, I didn't get the job. I just found out on Saturday when I was still in New York. The lady said that I was "phenomenal" at the interview, but they decided to go with another candidate who had done some long-term subbing for them. Oddly, this news wasn't surprising to me, and I didn't feel disappointed about losing this specific job--I felt more disappointment about being back at square one. I just keep thinking that maybe this was the Lord protecting me from a bad team-teaching situation. I'm choosing to believe that there is something better out there for me, and I just need to wait and be patient for it... So thanks for your prayers!

In other, more happy, news, my little sister is officially a Mrs.!! We just got back from New York last night... The wedding was beautiful, the food delicious, the company pleasant. We had a great time!


Mr. wildman said...

I want the name of that personal director!!!

eanemeaneminemo said...

I know the secret to a good hire?

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