Ignorance is Bliss

Today. In my office/room. 9:36 AM.

Student 1: "What kind of teacher are you? I have my class teacher, and my speech teacher, but what teacher are you?"

Student 2: "Yeah, there's supposed to be 25 kids in here, but why is it just us?"

Me: "Well, what kind of teacher do you think I am?"

Student 1: "The teacher I have fun with!"

Boy, I didn't have the heart to tell them that I was the Special education teacher. For a second I was completely speechless.

One day, soon enough, they will realize that no one else from their class comes down to see me. They'll figure out that there are certain subjects they feel like they "can't" do. They'll feel different from everyone else. People might call them "stupid". The walk down the hall to my room will become a "walk of shame". They won't look forward to seeing me, because I'll be a constant reminder that they're different from everyone else.

But for now, they're just happy third graders.

So I said: "I'm just a teacher who gives some kids some extra help"


Anonymous said...

How sweet! And for you to be totally speechless is a rare and wonderful thing!!!!!!!!! Mom

Anonymous said...

Proud of you. Dad

roller coaster teacher said...

OMG! You're awesome!

hannah said...

so true. let them enjoy being young!

Sandi said...

You're the fun teacher! yeah!

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