Word to the Wise

Teachers everywhere, some tips for you:
Here are some Do's and Don'ts of meeting with parents (whether it's a P-T conference or an IEP or whatever):
  • Start with the positive
  • Listen reflectively
  • Make them feel valued and empowered
  • Share ways they can help at home
  • Speak tactfully
  • Back up what you say with documented evidence
  • Be late
  • Go on the offensive
  • Take ANYTHING personally (except maybe a compliment)
  • Be blunt
  • Raise your voice for any reason
  • Antagonize
Start out by telling the mother: "Mama Bear, you're not going to like what I have to say". (Yes, this really happened!)


Sarah said...

And no, I wasn't the one to say it!

Anonymous said...

You have learned much, grasshopper. Continue in your wise ways. dad

Anonymous said...

hug...kick....hug Mom

Chance said...

I'd say pretty much don't ever call the parent "Mama Bear," period.

Anonymous said...

I always start my conferences with good intentions, however, by the second hour of conferences you get pretty whoosy and light-headed and what comes out of your mouth is more the truth and less the tact...

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