Monday Merriment

Parent-teacher conference day is definitely a day to look forward to if you work at a school and are not a classroom teacher. While all of my friends were holding back-to-back meetings, I attended five conferences (a total of an hour of my time) and had the rest of the day to myself.

Although I got A LOT done, I managed to sleep in for an extra half hour and take a forty-five minute lunch! If only every Monday could be so easy!


Anonymous said...

"Monday, Monday, can't trust that day!" except yours this week! I guess Christopher Columbus was unhappy to be ignored! Mom

Anonymous said...

We're happy for you. You DESERVE it! dad

roller coaster teacher said...

Um, I said to hubby, why doesn't everybody have Columbus Day off? He replied, why does ANYbody have Columbus Day off?

Anyhoo - glad you had a good day!

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