Dr. Seuss would be proud! Or maybe confused.

Today, after reading "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", I had both classes write a letter to the Grinch to convince him that he should love Christmas instead of hate it.
Here's what my 4th and 5th graders came up with (spelling and language mistakes and all!):

Dear Grinch,
Why do you hate Christam? You should love Christam becuse you like to read book how about you don't keep childen prens't  For Chirstam. I want you to be happy.
Dear Grinch,
Did you like Christmas after you change your mind. I love Christmas when I was litte. I still like it right now. You should like Christmas because Christmas is about love with familys and friends. Grinch, Merry Christmas.
Dear Grinch,
You should like Christmas becas it is so butyfull. You should like cristmas becoues it is a famly thing. You suold lik cristmas becaus you get present. You should love Cristmas you have frend. You should love cristmas becaus you get wat you want.
(And my personal favorite):
Dear Grinch,
Grinch, Christmas is a hopefull holiday and helpful. It wants to let you know that its not about the presents it about the love and joy. It's not about steling Christmas its about enjoying Christmas. So just like Christmas not hate it. Stop hating it and continued with life.


Sarah said...


Randy et Jan said...

I like Andrew's the best too, although Martha sure sounds sweet, wanting the Grinch to be happy!!!

Anonymous said...

Who says the American educational system isn't the best in the world...mery chrismus

cabin + cub said...

Awww.. those are all so sweet and cute! :)

Randy et Jan said...

It's the day after Christmas that gets me down! dad

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hannah said...

haha Sarah, what a CUTE idea! I love it!!

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