Holiday Survival

Well, I'm still slacking. I know this because I'm blogging as my students are working. But it's Monday, December 18th, and I shouldn't even be in school right now. It's so hard to be at work when my parents and my brother are in town; furthermore, Max and Peter are done with school and get to sleep in. Life's not fair is it?

This week is typically a week when nothing gets done... between holiday music program dress rehearsals and the actual program on Wednesday, "Santa's workshop" all day Friday (each class in the DHH program hosts a craft and the kids are split up into groups and rotate), and general craziness and hyperactivity, anything academic that occurs is a coincidental byproduct of our frenzied activities. Being the good teacher that I am, I will of course still try to sneak in some actual teaching and learning this week... but just in case I can't get motivated to do any work, I've scheduled "holiday language activities" such as: watching "The Grinch", and watching "The Polar Express". With any luck, this week will fly by and we won't even have to crack open a book (just kidding. Or was I?)

Here's to surviving until Friday!


2 bees said...

You are so a teacher!!!

2 bees said...

See you in less than one week, hang on we plan on spoiling you as much as we can...

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