Letters to Santa

It's recess time, and I couldn't resist copying a letter one of my students wrote in her classroom journal. Here it is, word for word, just as she wrote it:

"Dear Santa Claus,
Please give me a puppy. I would like to play with Sant Claus. would you give me a teddy bear. I would give you a cookies. I would like a crayons. you make me lap [laugh] Santa Claus. I would like a Book. and I would like a apple. Please Santa, I would wait for Santa.

Awwwwww. In the midst of their hyperactivity this week, they still manage to be precious...


hannah said...


2 bees said...

We had a GREAT time with you in earth's warm little spot you call home. It is real "dark" on the farm. The sun seems to be hiding.

hannah said...

sarah you naughty blog slacker!!

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