Valentine's Day a la Budget

Here are some fool-proof steps for a very fun, cheap-o Valentine's Day.
  1. Make home-made valentine's cards for each student.
  2. Have a parent bring in the entertainment (in my case, a giant pizza-shaped chocolate chip cookie with bags of icing that the kids can use to decorate the surface)
  3. Recycle all boxes of chocolate that the kids give you into a thoughtful gift for your husband (for an added touch, just cross out the "s" in "Mrs."--saving you from making another label, and from wasting precious time)
  4. Skip the fancy restaurant and opt for a walk and a trip to Baja Fresh--all on mom and dad's gift card, of course!
  5. Top it off with a bowl of ice cream in front of the TV. (Not that we don't do that every night, but add an extra scoop of the good stuff because of the holiday!)
Et voila! What would have made today extra, extra great would have been to skip the two staff meetings, but that was out of the question...


2 bees said...

We love you guys on, during, after, and before Valentine's day. Your picture is lovely and you looked great as well. Your tips were great and practical. Speaking of practical, I skip staff meetings. Seniority has its perks and tenure helps a lot not to mention an over abundance of sick days collected over decades of dedicated service.

Anonymous said...

We celebrated Valentine's Day on Thursday. We basked in the Black Forest sun at the thermal baths of "Bad Bellingen!" It was great. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough money left for dinner. You can't have it all. Love you both.
Dad and Mom

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