Bored Meeting

Tonight, I've been guilted into going to the board meeting to show my support for teacher salary increases. Apparently we're the lowest paid district in the county and "we're not happy about it". I feel funny about going because I'm pretty sure that I (and I alone) am the single highest paid second year teacher IN THE NATION. Although I technically only have my B.S, I have a special credential, and the district has credited me with 60 extra credits.... also, CA has higher salaries because of our higher standard of living. I'm sure if someone from, say, Mississippi looked at my paycheck they might just keel over from shock (and envy).

But the big paycheck needs to be bigger because we're the lowest paid district in the county and that is "not acceptable".

I'll let you know if the board members cower in fear at the sheer number of teachers (all dressed in "intimidating" black) and give in to our demands. It might get ugly. Watch the 11 o'clock news for the exciting conclusion.


Randy + Jan said...

We've dressed in black to show our solidarity. With the rent you're paying, you definitely need a raise. "Soyons tous en grève!"


2 bees said...

The board will be ready. They have spies. Prepare for LAYOFF NOTICES. You must be ready with picket signs and seize the day. I would have written that seize the day crap in Latin, but unfortunately, I went to school in a district with low salaries...

Woody Guthrie lives

Randy + Jan said...

you're worth every penny and more mom

rock said...

It's refreshing to have a niece with a proper perspective, and to be greatful for the bounty you have.

Go Sarah!

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