The Lighter Side

There is lots going on at work. LOTS. Between district testing, IEP testing, IEP writing (I have two in the next week), planning for parent-teacher conferences next week, trying to put together my St. Patrick's Day unit, getting things ready for my new student (yes folks, that would be number 11!), and all the other daily stuff I need to do to keep my classroom running, I'm left feeling like this.

But instead of sharing the headaches, I'll share the lighter moments:

1. One of my students, as we were walking toward the bus at the end of the day, looked up at me and asked: "What grade you?".
"Grade??? I'm finished with all the grades. I did all of them!"
"What?!?!?!?!?! But Mrs. L say she 17 grade".
[And apparently Mrs. L thought it would be funny to take advantage of his naivety. It was.]

2. Yesterday, as I was walking to my desk, one of my students said "Sorry Mrs. B" quite sheepishly. "Why?" I inquired (suspiciously). "I roop". "You did what?" Then he made a gesture clearly indicating a burp and said "I roop!" Ohhhhhhh. A roop. Of course!

3. The other day I was teaching irregular plurals. I explained that when there's only one, we call it "singular". Pointing to the word "singular" on the board, one of my students piped up with "Noooooo, that's the phone!"
[get it? get it? Cingular? The phone company? Oh. Guess you had to be there...]

4. When my students tasted cottage cheese yesterday, I was surprised to find out how many of them didn't like it! When they went to write about it, one student (my slacker) felt SO strongly about it, he took the trouble to look up the word "nasty" in the dictionary. Hmmm. I suppose that's an A for effort...


Anonymous said...

Great stories, Princess. That's why there's never a dull day in the classroom.

We'll be praying for your busy schedule . . . pace yourself, then reward yourself with an ice cream! Love you. Dad

Anonymous said...

The one story about "singular" is definitely Reader's Digest worthy!! Really! Mom

2 bees said...

Hey, having taught in the public school in the last 4 decades I would like to share with you what I have sat on during the school fact, I believe I am setting a bit askew right now...yuck, they did it again!!

2 bees said...

Cottage cheese muct be a vegetable. You should check with your husband.

2 bees said...

Must must must be a vegetable...

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