Just as long as I didn't catch something from our cats

I'm having a good week; no really, I am. It's my first real week, and I'm servicing kids which is great. In fact, that's the easy part of my day! It's all the other stuff that becomes overwhelming. Tracking down teachers for meetings, keeping on top of the paperwork, observing potential special ed. students, advising the special education aides, calling parents, setting up meetings, going to meetings.... I am still adjusting to this new role. So far, it's been more administrative than what I'm used to. And that's fine; I surprisingly don't mind... As it turns out, meetings are fine with me if 1) they have a point, and 2) they're not before school or after school. And so far, so good!

Today in particular was a good day because 1) I got my first paycheck (woo hoo! We'll eat tonight!), and 2) my health insurance started today. I normally wouldn't have cared much about the health insurance, but guess who's getting sicker by the minute? I don't even know if ice cream is such a good idea tonight (and now you know I'm serious). Here's to hoping I can make it to the weekend without feeling worse!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your days are full. We'll continue praying for your decision-making and planning as you take on many new responsibilities. Your Creator has given you what you need to honor Him! Enjoy the extra hour of sleep this weekend!

Proud of you, Dad

tim said...

Whatever you do, don't EVER forget what meetings felt like as a classroom teacher...the dark side of administration is always lurking about seeking to devour good teachers.

Brenda said...

Sarah, hope you get to feeling better soon! There are a lot of sick people already--seems a bit early in the season. Maybe Max will make you some chicken soup? Your schedule sounds nicely variable. If not for the overwhelming part, it might be fun.

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