Blogging as a Cure (?)

I am responsible for teaching/remediating writing for my fourth grade student. The only problem is... she hates writing; she can't spell; and she doesn't see the point in writing. It's like pulling teeth with her, so I've been somewhat avoiding it for the past few months.

Until this week!! It struck me that starting her very own blog could motivate her to write. Do other elementary teachers have their students blog? This fifth grade teacher does.
Would I be allowed to do this at school? According to our computer teacher, blogging is part of a Michigan technology strand!

I like the idea of linking kids' news sites and fun fact sites on the sidebar for her to read/peruse and respond to. I like that most blog sites have spell check. I like the idea that I could make her blog private. I also like the idea that her teachers could read her posts and give her encouraging comments!

The "unknown" factor is whether this experiment will work. Will this motivate her to write? Tune in next week for more exciting developments!


roller coaster teacher said...

I LOVE that your 4th grader is blogging!!! Finally, writing is an authentic activity for her.

Just wait till she finds myspace. Wait, show her facebook first. Facebook is much better. ;)

leesepea said...

It'd be cool if our campus filters didn't block all of the free blogging sites - I think blogging is not just a way to inspire students to write but also a great way to teach them to express themselves.

P.S. Thanks for rating my blog!

Anonymous said...

By jove, I think you've struck a chord...

Anonymous said...

Teach ME to blog! Mom

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