Ode to 25

Twenty-Five, you had a greasy and delicous start at The Pizza Bakery, followed by a liberal helping of change. You were there for our bittersweet move from California to Michigan. You witnessed the adoption of three adorable cats. You brought an unexpected, extended visit from my parents. You saw the dark days of unemployment. You presented me with a new brother-in-law. You allowed me to say, on countless occasions: "It's okay, because I'm only twenty-five, and I have lots of time left to do other things"... things like get a better job, live in a real house, drive a car that works...

I had high hopes for you, Twenty-Five, and you did not let me down. I realize that sometimes you get overlooked, and other years get all the glamour... like sixteen, eighteen, twenty-one, thirty (...wait...I know there are others, but I can't count that high...) oh and sixty-five. But you, Twenty-Five, have been a milestone for me in that I am one step closer to SETTLING DOWN (which is this missionary kid's ultimate goal!), without giving up the right to claim my youth for having cheap furniture and a broken car.

You will be missed in the years to come!


Anonymous said...

I am trying to sit here and think of a creative way to say the obvious, but apparently I can only think of the ordinary, hum drum Happy birthday!

You write beautifully.

Have a great weekend
Love Janet

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the second quarter-century, Princess!

Your very proud dad.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...25...can't quite remember that far back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Twenty six!! Hope you are blessed and full of joy!
Fifty three

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