My Anger Changes Nothing

I'm trying to write my career goals and my reasons for pursuing a specific master's degree so that I can apply for my Masters of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction. But I can't focus. I won't be able to focus all day, I just know it. My mind is 2,200 miles away, in a different school, with different colleagues, and with different kids. I wish I could be very specific, but I can't. All I can say is some very EVIL and GREEDY and SHORTSIGHTED people are closing down the deaf/hard-of-hearing program where I used to teach, forcing dozens of kids to relocate to districts and schools who won't be able to provide the comprehensive array of services that we did. "Why would anyone do such a thing?", you may wonder.

As it turns out, the bottom line is money. What an awful truth: what drives education is money, not the best interests of our students.


hannah said...

that is so sad!!!! have you talked to your teachers?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am sad for those little ones being the pawns in this money-grabbing game. Shouldn't be. Unhappy too for your former colleagues...especially that one who is our friend too. I wish the world didn't work this way. Mom

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