Time Marches Onward

Dear Spring Break,

What happened?!? One minute, I was shouting "FREEDOM!" as I pulled away from the school's parking lot, and the next minute I am sobbing in despair as I set my alarm clock for 5:30.

You enticed me with promises of late night TV, sleeping in, not wearing a watch, and endless time to spend however I wished. And as soon as I got one brief, delicious taste, you were gone! WHAT KIND OF A TEASE ARE YOU?

Where did you go? We had some great times together, but now you have moved on to visit other teachers in different school districts. I am a jealous friend. Very, very jealous...

Spring Break, I miss you so, so, so much. I don't know how I can keep on living without you... all that's left are the memories now. Please send your sister, Summer Break, soon.



Anonymous said...

I should have known Spring Break and Summer Break were sisters! They have the same last name!!! Mom

roller coaster teacher said...

Just around the corner... promise!

hannah said...

oh teachers that is all i can so ooooooh teachers.

Anonymous said...

Time doesn't march forward. It stomps, then kicks us forward!

Your veteran dad of 21 years of teaching.

Anonymous said...

Hi spring break! Welcome to my life! So glad you could come and visit: I've missed you. --Rebekah

Anonymous said...

Okay now, that was really funny!

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