BUT, It's The Law!

You'll remember that, in my last post, I talked about a prospective Kindergartener to our school this next year. He is on the Autism spectrum and definitely has some special abilities. His worst behavior is that sometimes he refuses to do things and he needs to be redirected.

Even though the parents have decided that our school is their number one choice, our principal is very concerned that our school isn't the right placement for him. This is 99% a personal issue, and 1% an administrative concern. He would need a full time aide, and a differentiated/personal curriculum. The other resource room teacher and I have told our principal a number of times that we would take care of the academic piece (a simple matter, really), and the district will be paying for a one-on-one aide.

So what's the problem? We're really not sure why our principal continues to fish for reasons why this student shouldn't come here. It's "but" this and "but" that at every turn. This has been going on for weeks, and I'm exasperated.

Truthfully, if the parents decide to take him somewhere else, that's okay with me. But right now, the parents want him at our school and we CAN provide the services he needs. I'm fighting for him for that reason. I will admit, however, that at this point, I also want him here simply because our principal doesn't.

Does that mean I have Oppositional Defiant Disorder?


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Anonymous said...

You really don't want to ask THAT question of your mother!!!! Mom

hannah said...

that is sad! keep at it!

Anonymous said...

No. You're being "sarah!"


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