Cause for Alarm

... and there were many today.

Cause #1: My principal comes to my office and says: "I'm just going to cut to the chase" (uh-oh) "I really value honesty" (UH-OH) "Did you put an anonymous, angry letter in my box about two weeks ago?" [WHEW! No way, that was not me at all]. Interesting discussion ensued.

Cause #2: Huge IEP (yearly meeting to determine individual goals and accommodations) scheduled for 1:00 today. It happened to be the transition IEP of this little fellow. Transition IEP's are run by the special ed. team from whatever district/school the child is coming to us from. Anyways, this one is a big deal. I got a phone call at 8:45 AM informing me that the IEP team members were at the front office, waiting for me to start the meeting. Apparently, when the other IEP team rescheduled the meeting from 1:00 to 9:00, they neglected to tell us!!

When I realize this, I am talking myself down from panic. Breathe in, breathe out. Nobody knows you're freaking out, so just pretend that you're not! Then I had to go conjure up two substitutes on the fly (so the classroom teacher and aide could attend the meeting) and pull our principal out of an awards assembly.

It all ended up working out okay; my heart stopped racing halfway into the meeting.

Cause #3: Ordered takeout from Panera Bread today. About halfway through my yummy salad, just as I am lifting the fork to my mouth, I notice HALF A LADYBUG stuck to my lettuce!! Ewwww. It would have been so much better if I had just found a whole ladybug, because where did that other half go???


Anonymous said...

The other half of the lady bug is with the teacher and aide you conjured up on the FLY!! Mom

Anonymous said...

Funnier thing is, is that Mom is still laughing at her joke. :) I love you, Mom.

Anonymous said...

I wish you would have found Cheetoes in your salad and I wish the principal would have had an anonymous bag of cheetoes in her mailbox and I wish that at your IEP everyone brought a family size bag of cheetoes and everyone loved everybody and ate cheetoes and I wish I had a toe truck for the cheetoes to haul them all over the world to solve all the mystery and misery and best of all are HOT Cheetoes on a cold day and crunchy cheetoes on a hot day and CHEETOES FOR EVERYONE FOREVER...

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