For She's a Jolly Good Fellow

Today the entire special education staff went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate the successful end of my colleague's first year of teaching. It doubled as a goodbye party too because she is moving on to greener pastures next year in a school closer to home. I'm not sure what it is about Mexican restaurants that appeal to teacher parties (this is the third consecutive year I've had an end-of-the-year party at Mexican restaurant!). Maybe it's because the environment is stereotypically loud and colorful.... just makes us teachers feel right at home!

Anyways, we sent off my dear friend with cards, tributes, and gifts for her new classroom: disinfecting wipes, baby wipes, air sanitizer, band-aids, DVD's, and a trophy (which she worked HARD to earn, let me tell you). She loved all of it, of course, but I think what she would rather have liked to do is to take our entire special ed staff and bring us with her to her new job...

J, you will be missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I too, went to a Mexican resturant yesterday. I asked for authentic and my friend ordered. Everyone was speaking Mexican only. I kept silent and felt like I was in Europe again. I would tell you the Mexican word for intestines, but my Spanish teacher friend and interpeter is giving exams at the moment. This afternoon I am considering eating French...fries.

Anonymous said...

Mexican food. How we long for it! dad

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