If you don't have a novel to read, then write one!

I have a huge assignment due Tuesday for my "Curriculum Foundations" class. I have to write my cultural autobiography and reflect on how my background and experiences shape how I interact with students, as well as how my background and experiences relate to my role as an educator. It's turning out to be quite in-depth: twelve categories with anywhere from five to thirteen sub-questions per category... and then the reflection.

I don't mind the assignment. Who doesn't like talking about themselves? Especially when you're as fascinating as me? (kidding there, of course... or was I?)

Anyways, some of the questions required information that I'm a little sketchy on, so I had to make a few phone calls to the grandparents. I learned some interesting things that I didn't know before.

First, my maternal grandmother has her masters degree!! That's quite an accomplishment for a woman back in the day... Way to go for sticking it to society, grandma!

Second, my paternal grandmother (who is 100 percent Chinese) has two names. The first was given to her by her grandfather. This is her formal Chinese name. Her second name, the one everyone knows her by here in the U.S, was given to her by the nurse who delivered her. Grandma jokes that the nurse happened to like old-fashioned names--she named the first three girls Bessie, Annie, and Minnie.

I will let all of my non-family readers (all 3 of you) guess which of the three names belongs to my grandma by studying the picture below of a two-year-old version of me sitting on grandpa's lap:


Ms. H said...

ummmmmmmmmmmmm..........That's a tough one, Miss. *wink*

roller coaster teacher said...

Awwwww.... I didn't know you're (at least) one quarter CHinese!!! LOVE it! That is SUCH a precious, priceless photograph...

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite photos, Princess!


Anonymous said...

Growing up in the French school system may make for an interesting paper! Good thing "face slapping" IS NOT coloring how you relate to your students!! Mom

roller coaster teacher said...

Yes, I can tell you're Chinese ... a little! (and after being told, then "oh yeah!") Have you traveled to China/Asia yet? I want to take my daughter and husband there in a few years.

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