Looking Ready, Not Feeling Ready

I finally got my room in good shape for Back-to-School night this past Thursday. I saw a couple of parents and found out about some new kiddos we'll have on the caseload. Here are some pictures:

"Stepping to Success" is the theme of my room. I was hoping it would appeal to both kindergartners and eighth graders.

This is my "good work" bulletin board. I'm very proud of it :)

This is my desk. That's about as clean as it's going to get (and it's not even that clean!). Soon, the entire frame around my computer monitor will be buried in post-it reminders!!

This year, I am sharing my room with our Occupational Therapist who's in two days a week (that's her desk, behind mine). She'll be a fun "roommate"!

This is a small, almost closed in corner (see the green bean bag peeking out from behind the shelf?) that I use for a variety of things. It's namely for one of our students that often throws kicking/screaming/biting tantrums. It's also for one of our students to have some privacy as he readjusts his prosthetic leg. If nothing dramatic is happening over there, students can have a cozy place to read.

That's it from me. Have a happy long weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

The pics are great! What an inviting environment! Kudos!! Mom

roller coaster teacher said...


Gina said...

Lookin good!

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome and one more suggestion for use in the corner...you could curl up in the fetal position during those bad day time outs with the O.T. nearby for support...

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