Some Statistics For You

Probability of getting struck by lightning: 1 in 600,000

Probability of winning the lottery: 1 in 18,000,000

Probability of a student you taught 3000 miles away in California moving to Michigan and ending up at your school on your caseload: I have no idea. But it just happened to me today!!!


Anonymous said...

That is SOOOOO weird! But maybe it's kinda nice to already have a history with a NEW student! Mom

Anonymous said...

OR, maybe this student followed you to MI because you're just that great!! Mom

Anonymous said...

Your life is full of amazing incidents! dad

Anonymous said...

Hello! I ran across your blog and liked it so I linked it on my new teacher blog (I'm recently credentialed in CA) at

I was hoping that you could link me back so I can get some traffic to my site and also, maybe you'll be interested in reading it too.

Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon!


ms-teacher said...

Incidences like this is what reminds us how small the world really is!

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