It is WAY past my bedtime

The pickup truck is packed to the hilt (and not everything fit!). We've nailed down the tarp as best we could. Now, all that's left is a very short night's sleep before we attempt to drive at least 12 hours down South (we'll still have about 8 more to go on Day 2) driving a contraption that looks suspiciously like the Beverly Hillbillies!! No air and no cruise control either. Should be fun.

But hey, at least we get to do some serious house shopping when we get there and after we unload all of our stuff in a storage unit! So that will definitely make up for the trip :)


Anonymous said...

Good luck!!! No AIR??? You may dislike the place intensely because of the heat. We have a heat index of 106 to 112 degrees.

Anonymous said...

We're excited with and for you!

XOXO dad & mom

Anonymous said...

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