Stick a fork in me...

.... I'm DONE!

And to celebrate, I went to a local park with lots of my colleagues and ate pizza and ice cream and cake. Then we all went mini-golfing (I even made a hole-in-one! By bouncing the ball off of three different sides! So totally planned!).

For round two of celebrations (have I mentioned I like to milk celebrations??), Max and I went to see "Star Trek" at the movie theaters because I had won free tickets from a radio contest a few months ago. Max was very annoyed with me when I couldn't seem to say "trek" and always said "track" ("It's 'treeeek', 'trEk'!!!) After that, we went to the Melting Pot for some very yummy cheese fondue. And the grand finale? Ice cream at Cold Stone!!!

I wish every day was the last day of school!


Anonymous said...

You earned that special treatment, Princess!

By the way, Max can blame me and the Asian side of the family. I have mispronounced words all my life because of my mom's accent. That was passed on to our kids. Remind him that at least you don't have that weird "Lapeer" accent: it's LA not LEpeer!

Your objective dad.

Anonymous said...

Coldstone, mmmmmm! That's what I ate for lunch on Friday! ~JM

Anonymous said...

Ah, youth! The good ole days when one doesn't worry about cholesterol! Not fair, not fair at all! Mom

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