happy new year!

Instead of sleeping in after a wild night of partying (as I imagine all of you cooler-than-me people did), we're taking a flight back to Texas today. That's kinda sad, mainly because: Texas = Not France.

Here are a just a few pictures of our lovely time here - from my dad's camera, because we were too lazy to upload ours just yet.

Local restaurant in Strasbourg

Shopping at the Christmas market

Eating at our favorite Greek restaurant in Germany

Visiting Belfort. It was cold!

My sister and brother-in-law solving some kind of marital dispute ;)

I hope your holidays were as joyous as ours were! Happy 2011!!


Sparkling said...

I envy your trip to the Christmas market! But it sure does look cold!

I do not envy your trip back to Texas. From France. Wow. I complain about a 6.5 hour return flight home from France. Can't imagine any more time on a plane.

Back to school Monday for you?

Sherri said...

What a wonderful holiday you had! Welcome home and a Happy New Year to you!

Sarah Garb said...

Yeah...airplane travel does sort of take the fun out of New Year's festivities. At midnight we were in the subway station getting home after a day of flying. Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures... a beautiful family looking so happy! Brenda

Anonymous said...

Still cold. Dad of course has turned down the heat! Where is Max's hoodie?

Anonymous said...

Greek food in Germany...

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