Cure for summer fever

Let's face it: with just a smidge over six weeks until summer vacation, the kids (and staff) have Summer Fever.

It hit early this year. That could be because of the super nice weather, or the early onslaught of testing, or simply because we're all tired. But whatever the reason, it's here in full force.

For all of you non-teachers out there, here's what I mean by Summer Fever:

*The kids have gotten exponentially wigglier, so the whole classroom almost seems to vibrate with energy, buzz, and movement.

*The kids who used to be best of friends are at each other's throats. Think siblings who have been stuck in the back of a car for too long.

*The giant vat of patience that the teachers started with at the beginning of the year is now empty.

*More people stare out the windows.

*Countdowns are on every white board in the school, with staff giving each other regular updates for encouragement.

*Homework packets are getting thinner.

*The kids have completely forgotten all the rules and procedures we've been following since the beginning of the year.

There is no known cure for Summer Fever. We are still waiting for someone to develop a remote control for life. Until that time, here's what we've done to try to counteract the symptoms:

*Add an extra 20 minute recess every day.

*Bribe the kids for good behavior.

*Threaten to take away Field Day for bad behavior.

*Drink exponentially more caffeine.

*Leave the school building as soon as is humanly possible at the end of each day.

*Cling to our routines like the mast of a sinking ship.



Anonymous said...

Amen sister...

Sparkling said...

Ah yes, the ever lasting threat of taking away field day. Sadly, in the middle school, this is more a relief to some kids than a threat. And we don't have recess, so we can't take that away. We could take away lunch.... and then get in BIG trouble. We could take away.... NOTHING ELSE. We try to keep their feet to the fire. And since we have pretty soggy springs here, it's not toooooo hard to keep them on track.

Now, the year we had to go until June 30th?? No, I'm not kidding. June 3-0. I think I needed a sedative more than the kids at that point!!!

Miss Teacher said...

Sarah, these are so funny and TRUE!!! Especially the 20+ minute recess one...the kids think I have recess on nice days for THEM, but it's TOTALLY for me... :)

Shell said...

My last summer fever I experienced was when I was pregnant- so I REALLY didn't have patience. I so bribed my kids with extra recess to just leave me alone. LOL

malia said...

you are so hilarious-- i love the one about the kdis who used to be friends... 6 weeks seems like nothing... except when you're a kid or a teacher! xo happy easter!

Charlotte said...

Summer fever has hit here, too. It is driving us all nuts. I always figure it must be ten times worse for teachers!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

The homestretch is often the toughest part. I'm excited to be done, too! Hang in there!

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