hello, my name is

I've been called a few different things in my six years of teaching.




Mrs. other-teacher's-name.


But this week, "Paula" gave me a new label. Paula is a cute little first grader who tries her darndest but has the attention of a gnat. She likes to go on long rambling tangents in a very loud, rather high pitched voice and her speech is often difficult to understand. She cracks me up (often not on purpose....)

Anyways, she asked for some scissors for some activity we were doing. So I passed her the scissors.

She turned to me and said (in speech as clear as a bell, and with a little attitude too): 
"Thank you, baby"

I froze. She was still smiling at me with her head cocked to the side, the picture of innocence. I'm sure her parents and her grandparents call her "Baby" all the time, but....

I had to have a little talk with her about appropriate and inappropriate things to call a teacher.

Then my colleagues and I had a good laugh!


Elissa Newton said...

Oh, how funny. I had a kid call me Babe once. But he was a 6th grader. Practicing and failing at learning how to charm the ladies.

Mommy on the Spot said...

That is so funny! but that picture with the caption? Awesome!

Steff said...

Hahaha that's so cute.

I've had a few kids do that at work, but they've done it accidentally and immediately get embarrassed!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!! You had me at "Grandma!"

Miss Griffin said...

I get mom a lot, especially since they're just first grade babies. BUT, I had a new one last week too! When I dropped the class off at PE one of my little girls hugged me and said, "See you later, cutie!". I really wished there had been another teacher nearby to giggle with me afterwards.

malia said...

thats very funny... she must hear that at home a lot!

Maranda said...

Hahaha! How cute! But yes...weird and inappropriate thing to call a teacher. ;-)

Sparkling said...

Whenever they call me by the wrong name, I make a big production about a feature of that teacher, like "am I tall, thin and gray??" "do I work in the library???" "am I an art teacher?" Always cracks them up. And when they call me a teacher's name that NO ONE would want to be, there's a little gasp and then we all snicker as I know I am not as dreaded as THAT teacher and it was just a mistake!

Charlotte said...

For the first time ever my first grader is continually calling me his teacher's name. I've had 4 first graders before this one. I'm pretty sure it is a compliment to his teacher. (At least I hope so).

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