Local Color

Blue: For our new house (carefully photographed to avoid the neighbors' houses)

Green: For the unwelcome visitor we had in our bedroom the other night!

Red: For Spaghetti Ice--obviously!
Yellow: For the brie cheese I often ate for lunch.
Brown: For the walking paths that wind through the myriad of vineyards on the hills behind the house.
Local Color (and Local Mom and Dad), I shall miss you!!


Hannah said...

Awesome pictures. The new house is cute and the vineyards make me want to go there! Can't wait to see you!

2 bees said...

We had a bat in our bedroom this week...I didn't get a picture, but I did leave an "imprint" on it!

Mom said...

hey, sweetie, I miss you already...ie I'm blue like my house! Mom

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