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Forgive me as I post once again about the World Cup... it's hard not to catch the fever when you are here! I was watching the French national news the day after the big victory in the semi-final against Portugal. The news spent a full 35 minutes covering brief highlights of the game, and celebration all across the country. Apparently the entire country erupted in cheering, singing, dancing, and horn honking. There was also church bell ringing, fountain climbing and splashing, and running with lit fireworks. Crazy. I can't wait to see what happens on Sunday night when France wins. Because they will. Because I said so!

Anyways, we had big plans for sight-seeing in Switzerland today but the weather has thwarted us again. It's been surprisingly overcast and rainy lately after the first few days of sunny mugginess. Dad and Max are going to be playing some street ball with some French guys later today, but before that we're going to go see a free auto show in Mulhouse (yea for free!). I expect to see a lot of cool cars for midgets... that get like 70 miles to the gallon.


Hannah said...

French car show. That sounds sweet!

2 bees said...

How many clowns fit in a French car?

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