Lotsa News

I realize it has been a while since I last updated... but there is news!!

On the home front:
Our renters insurance company FINALLY decided to compensate us for our losses from the mold. After almost seven weeks sleeping on the floor, this is welcome news. This is totally from the Lord--for so long it seemed like we would get nothing. We did everything right and were never vindictive--and we were rewarded!! God is good!

On the school front:
Things are busy and stressful. I'm getting a new student tomorrow (he'll be number 10--yikes!) and there is lots to do in preparation for that. I had a huge once-every-three-years meeting with parents this afternoon, and there was a lot of preparation for that (thankfully it went well). I'm starting two new programs in my classroom on Monday--one in reading and one in math.... and things have definitely been busy getting materials prepared and re-structuring our curriculum and our daily schedule to make room for them. I have lots running through my mind and I find myself exhausted at the end of the day yet unable to fall asleep for some time after I climb in bed... hopefully that will change soon!

On the social front:
I think the fact that I have a "social front" to mention is news in itself :). We had dinner with some colleagues last Sunday; we're having dinner tomorrow night with an old friend from our church in Grand Rapids; and this weekend we're probably going to get together with a couple from our current church who we get along really well with. I feel like a social butterfly this week...


2 bees said...

Wow, you are now a real adult person with real adult issues. You have a career, a husband, in-laws, outlaws, you can't sleep at night(what do you expect being on the floor and all), your job is a killer, you have "the man" trying to stick it to you?!? I don't know how anybody gets along without the Revelation and Knowledge of a Savior of this world to encourage us to overcome and "count it all joy" Because, He is in charge and He makes all things new...Coooooool

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo glad the insurance came through.....finally!! Happy shopping! God is GOOD! Mom

Anonymous said...


hannah said...

I'm very happy to hear about your social life! Hanging out with a couple is impressive. Keep it up!

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