What self-control?

I had a 25% off coupon (for any one item) for our local teacher store that I spent today. I went inside looking for something very specific that was brand new on the market. They didn't have it, so I also spent a whole hour browsing their stock. I kept picking up items and thinking: "Ooh, this'll be great. This will revolutionize the way I teach. This will help my students learn." And then I wouldn't put the item back, I would just keep adding things to my pile. I was going to just pick one thing for the one coupon I had, but I couldn't bring myself to put any of my great finds back. When I saw the clock hit five, I decided enough was enough. I put all of my stuff down on the counter and was ready to get out my card to pay, when some VERY cute Halloween erasers caught my eye--and for just ten cents apiece, how could I resist?
Anyways, long story short: I came in the teacher's store with a 25% off coupon, and one hour later and $57.13 gone, I finally made it back home.
But I got such cool stuff..... It's totally justified.... isn't it?!?


Anonymous said...

Of course it's justified!!! What a question!! Mom....your example in self-control!

2 bees said...

Yes, good for your class good for the American economy...consumerism at its best, proving coupons really do work...make sure you save the reciepts for your tax deductions.

2 bees said...

Halloween erasures...does the erased material go to evil places? Yet, return to haunt your students at a later time. Be careful with that black magic, the classroom is a scary enough place already!!!

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