As soon as I got home and heard Max say: "Wanna skip our walk and get a blizzard at Dairy Queen?", I thought "This evening is going to be FANTASTIC!". We grabbed our DQ gift certificates from our birthdays (they could only sit there for so long, mocking us, daring us to use them before our long drive out to Michigan) and headed out. And for the whole journey down the hall, down the stairs, in the car, and down the street, I thought to myself about how incredible it was going to be to bite into a chocolate-dipped strawberry blizzard. I could even taste it in my mouth.... We hit some traffic as we turned into our local DQ (the only one for miles and miles and miles, mind you), which just increased my anticipation all the more.

As we turned into the parking lot, Max said: "It's closed." And just as I turned toward him to reprimand him for such a horrible joke, I realized that it was, indeed, closed. Closed down for good.

Life is so, so cruel.


Anonymous said...

Certainly you have received confirmation, a sign from the very heavens, that you NEED to be back in Michigan, home to untold numbers of Dairy Queens.
What are people thinking??

Anonymous said...

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick!" A bummer, Mom

Anonymous said...

Wow, a modern day Greek tragedy...

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