You mean it isn't summer vacation yet?

Wasn't I just saying something about how little gets done academically after Memorial Day?

Case in point:
We spent twenty-five minutes today playing Pick-up Stix and Jacks in the classroom. I did have a good justification though: our story today was entitled "Games People Play" and many of the examples were these old, old games that don't involve a plug or a screen. I had picture examples of vocabulary like "stilts", and "pogo sticks", but I actually had Jacks and Pick-up Stix in my room, so I thought "Why not?". The kids absolutely LOVED those games.... these old-fashioned toys are just a whole new world to them! Tomorrow, I'm thinking of formulating an excuse to go outside and play hopscotch and see if we can make some stilts with coffee cans and string. Maybe I'll call it P.E.


Anonymous said...

Do it!!!!

mr. e said...

Nice blog. I might have become a special ed teacher if I wasn't scared off by the many stories of burn out when I was trying to make my decision , which was stupid.

And your church takes retreats at hotels at the beach!? My wife gets sent to a kids camp with a man made lake. Oh well, it's the location that counts, right? Right?

Anonymous said...

I remember having SOOOO much fun jumping rope with friends on the playground at that age. For some reason it was mesmerizing and challenging. But..we didn't have much else!
Are you packing yet??? I'm so excited to see you!

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