Not Bad

You know what makes today automatically great? Three things:
  1. Taking a hot shower this morning (we had no hot water all day yesterday--I was worried).
  2. Smoked salmon with cream cheese on crackers for lunch.
  3. Six butterflies (and counting) have emerged today.

Mondays don't have to be all bad!


Max said...

Here's to God answering prayers about the small things!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me too!

Anonymous said...

Monday, monday, can't trust that da-ay! Mom

Anonymous said...

If we stopped and meditated on all the good that we are blessed with EVERYDAY we would marvel at the Graciousness of God.

Anonymous said...

Let me count the some of the ways...garbage pick-up, mail develivery, grocery stores, Wal-Mart, school busses, parents, freedom, love, cell phones, children, your blog, daughter-in-laws, good health, ice cream (that one is for you) and a room reserved for us in my Father's mansion.

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