My Worst Nightmare

Back in June, when I left the perfect job in California, if you had asked me what my worst nightmare was in regards to teaching in Michigan, I would have said:

  1. Teaching in a resource room
  2. Starting late in the school year
  3. Commuting

Today, I got a job that makes all three true and I could not be more excited!! After months of putting out dozens and dozens and dozens of applications, and lowering my expectations so far as to apply to "Dominoes", this job is a welcome blessing. It's a different role for me, but it will be good to diversify my resume. It also happens to be in a school about an hour away from here, and that bites, but I'm willing to overlook it! (If my mother-in-law can make that commute, why can't I?)

Anyways, thank you all for your prayers and the happy thoughts you sent my way... I start on Monday! Woo Hoo!


dad II said...

God truly loves His children and takes care of them. He knows what they can do and what they should do. He is a Father that will see you through the beginning the middle and the end. Praise our Mighty God!

hannah said...

yay for sarah!!

mr. e said...

Thank God! Now what are you teaching? I've been catching up with your blog, but I think I missed this part.

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