B is for Busy

This morning, I got an email from my new Resource Room colleague... she wrote in passing: "You're the busiest person I know." After I wrote her back and told her to interrupt me at any time should she need help or advice with anything, I got to thinking.

If there was an award for "the busiest person ever" and it came with say, one million dollars, this is what I would do:
First, I would hire a secretary to handle all of my paperwork, keep track of my meetings (or better yet, just go to my meetings!), and schedule kids. This would allow me to actually focus on teaching my students.
Then, I would hire a chef, a housekeeper, and a personal shopper to cater to my every whim. This would allow me to come home and crash on the couch!

Or... maybe I would just retire and live off the cash.... Hm.


Gina said...

What a great idea. If I ever see something like that for teachers, I'll nominate you!

Anonymous said...

You never know until you ask. Maybe you could have a secretary to do those things you mentioned at school. I would if I was your boss.
And...you might be surprised how little you might pay to have someone come once a week to do a few basic household chores. It could make life so much easier.
Love, g

Anonymous said...

nkHang in there sarah!!! I've been thinking about you and trying to send you stength!! I empathized what you are going through! Don't work too too hard, and breathe!

Your old resource room half.

Anonymous said...

Secretary? What are husbands for?


Anonymous said...

Chefs? What are husbands for? Mom

Rebekah said...

Max, I think Sarah just called you a bad chef.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

In my new school, I have a gem of an aide who actually handles all my paperwork! No, she doesn't write the IEPs, but she keeps track of all the papers, filing them ever so efficiently. It's like having my own executive secretary, and I feel blessed!

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