Lists Are Your Friends

Are you a list person? I am definitely a list person. I like to have everything I need to do in one handy place so I don't have panic attacks thinking about it all (Have I forgotten anything? Where do I start?) My dad is the ultimate list person. On the phone today, my mom mentioned that he has been trying to get her to keep lists as well, but that making a list and looking at it is depressing!

So here is a list (ha!) of some handy tips for keeping your very own to-do list:
  • Start with fun paper because it's more motivating that way. Short on cash? Print your own whimsical list paper here! (The tortoise and the hare are my favorite!)
  • Add fun things to your list so that every item doesn't feel like a chore. For example, "eat some chocolate" or "waste ten minutes surfing the web" provides a nice break from all the humdrum.
  • Make yourself feel better by adding in three or four items that you've already done! Nothing will motivate you to accomplish stuff like seeing the stuff you've already accomplished. Plus, it just feels good to check things off a list, even it's just "wake up".
  • To avoid using your list as a dust collector, give yourself a deadline for checking three things off (any three except your fake ones like "eat chocolate"!). When you've met your deadline, REWARD YOURSELF! (More chocolate anyone?)
  • Don't keep any more than two lists at any one time. If you have so many lists that you have to keep a list of your lists, than you've gone too far (yes, I'm talking about YOU, Rebekah!)
I hope I've inspired my five readers out there to keep lists. You'll be amazed at how it makes you feel. No more walking circles around your office feeling so overwhelmed you don't know where to start!


Anonymous said...

I love lists as well! Most of the time, mine are short lists; that way I don't get distracted or discouraged and on my list are things that can be accomplished within the next 8 or so hours. Lists come in handy for the over 50 brain that has lost some of its innate list function!
Miss you and Max! We will have to get together soon! Maybe at the new old house of Hannah and Beartos! Brenda

Anonymous said...

Great ideas! . . . now where was I on my list? dad

Anonymous said...

Lists can be great if they always include the item, "Call you mother!" Mom

Anonymous said...

The only list I ever made was one of the things I wanted to accomplish before age 30...did em all! I am proud to say I can juggle and went on an African safari.

Sarah said...

I want my list today to be wake up, eat breakfast, take nap, wake up with no headache! Its not happening! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm currently working on a "bucket list", or, in case you didn't see the movie, ten things to do before I die. Grandma

hannah said...

I LOVE lists but I do them on my cell phone!

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