Look at it This Way

There's this thing called "reframing". It basically means you reframe a (potentially negative) situation by looking at it in a different way... a more open-minded, positive, hopeful way. The idea is a bit more complicated and involved, but I've simplified it for the non-psychology people out there...

An example might be:

situation: We came back after a six week vacation to find all of our stuff and our apartment covered with mold.
reframed: Free shopping trip!!

I've found that I've been needing to reframe more and more these days at work... like this:

situation: I'm being micromanaged.
reframed: My superiors want to be involved!

situation: Stuff keeps coming up to prevent me from servicing my students. My instructional time has shrunk to almost non-existent with some students...
reframed: More opportunities for me to help the classroom teacher to differentiate!

situation: No potential snow days in the ten day forecast.
reframed: It's going to be SO warm!

situation: In-service day tomorrow and nobody thought to include any content relevant to the special ed. staff (again!)
reframed: An opportunity to slip under the radar and get paperwork done!



Anonymous said...

Situation: cloudy, dreary day
Reframed: no one sees how dirty the windows are! Mom

Anonymous said...

Situation: I'm missing every shot on the court.

Reframed: More people involved in the rebounding process!


Anonymous said...

situation: I am fat and my jeans are super tight
reframing: without a blood supply, my derriere msy shrink

Are your SURE this isn't just denial? Whatever, I love it! Actually it's a very Christ-like way to think of things, isn't it? (not the derriere part, I'm sure Jesus did not have a big butt--too much walking and fasting.

Sarah said...

Hmm, I think I need to give this a try!

Anonymous said...

No way is Brenda fat!

Anonymous said...

Situation: Sarah is wonderful
Reframed: Sarah is most wonderful

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