The Final Stretch

After finally becoming an aunt, and after a fabulous long weekend spent in Washington DC with old friends, we're finally back home. Back home, and back to reality.... These days, reality involves our car dying--the entire electrical system seems to be fried. We drove all the way back to Michigan without being able to touch the blinker, or the headlights, or the AC, or the radio, or the windshield wipers because if we did the car would stall. On the turnpike! On long stretches with no shoulder on the side of the road due to construction!
I also came back to three more weeks of school (that's 13.5 days of school, to be precise), and three more Saturday classes. I know the light is coming closer at the end of the tunnel, but it sure seems like an eternity from here to summer break!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm actually commenting on the "aunt" blog are such a cute aunt! What a blessed little nephew he is to have you and Max as aunt and uncle!
love, brenda

Anonymous said...

Light at the end of the tunnel!! YAY!! Just don't stall!! Mom

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