MOM is "WOW" Upside Down!

It's the season to be thankful for mothers... And I'm sure that kids across the nation are busy making homemade gifts and writing sweet sentiments as a part of their classroom activities.
This year, I had the opportunity to see some completed "MOTHER" accrostic poems in a second grade classroom. I took the best of their responses to share with you here:
M om is kinda messy
O ften lets me take two cookies
T alks so much I think my head will explode
H ere was a rose and I gave it to her
E xpert at teaching
R emembers a lot
Haha! I'm sure those moms will be thrilled no matter what the kids say...
I was talking to one of our paraprofessionals who used to work with a third grade boy with autism. Students with autism typically have no tact and will just say it like it is. That is why the paraprofessional had to have a conversation with that kiddo about why "obese" might not be a good choice for the "o" in "mother" !!


Anonymous said...

Wow is mom with upside down m...

Anonymous said...

Hey! Did you know "mom" is "wow" upside down?? hey hey hey! Love, Wow

Chance said...

The one we had said that O in mother Only meant she's getting Older. The other teachers thought that was very insulting to the mothers.

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