But mostly I just want the house, please

It's too bad that buying a house isn't like buying a shirt. With a shirt, you just pick out the one you like best, bring it to the cash register, and voila! Pay for it and go. With a house, it's more like: pick the one you like best, hold your breath till the offer is accepted, spend the next week knee-deep in paperwork, run up your cell phone minutes talking to the realtor and the mortgage lender, pack pack pack, clean clean clean, pray pray pray. And in the end, it might fall through anyway.

Of course, it doesn't help matters when the seller is being a jerk. Not only is she in the midst of what I can only assume to be a nasty divorce (aren't they all though?), she has actually sold the house twice before in the last month and both sales have fallen through. So she's been fighting her ex, she's been burned by two previous buyers, and she's making us pay for the sins of them all by rushing us along (and trying to rush the 75 other people involved in buying/selling a house).

I alternate between wanting to give her a hug and wanting to kick her in the pants.


Anonymous said...

Kick her in the pants while giving her a hug after the sale is final!

Hugs (no kicking needed)

Randy et Jan said...

We're praying!

Wanting to kick her too, dad

Anonymous said...

Don't think either one a very good idea! So sorry that it's all turning out so complicated.........praying! Mom

Anonymous said...

Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

If you don't get this house, it will probably mean you will find a nicer one.

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