Small preview of a 20 hour horror film

Well, we've finally moved out of our apartment and into our in-laws. You'd think that moving in stages over a period of weeks would be a smart thing to do, but you'd be wrong. It was a terribly drawn out business... Glad it's finally over!

When it was finally over and we had thrown out the last bag of trash, we captured the cats and brought them out to the car. They were not pleased. In fact, Mrs. Hufflepuff was so upset, she left a permanent claw mark in the fabric ceiling of our car! We set out for our in-laws' (a 90 minute drive) to the tune of three angry cats yeowling in three part harmony. We stopped briefly at Burger King for dinner, and while Max ran out to get our food, I took some footage of the cats' indignation (you'll note that Gizmo, our calico, is suffering in silence here):

And this was them relatively calmed down! When we were about thirty minutes away, Mowgli decided she had had enough and barfed in the little plastic basket she was sitting in. (Max: "Hey what's that smell??"). Then, as she had barf on the end of her tail and on her paw, she decided it wasn't very comfortable to sit there anymore, so she moved to a different plastic basket and sat down. I thought she sat down, anyway, but it turns out she was just squatting to poop. Poop! In our car!! With no litter on it!! Do you have any idea of the stink we went through for the next thirty minutes?!?

On top off all the hoopla, Max's allergies decided that three cats shedding hair in such a small confined space was not acceptable and so he spent most of the trip sneezing violently and trying to breathe.

If this is going to be a preview of the twenty hour trip it will take to drive down south in August, we're in BIG trouble...


Randy et Jan said...

It sounded like the cats were saying, "Help!" dad

Randy et Jan said...

For that 20 hour trip....there's always the trunk! hehe. Poor Mrs. Hufflepuff! Tiger does the same thing...panting with the mouth open. Weird. Thought he was dying of thirst or something. Maybe cat valium? Surely something like that exists! Mom

Rebekah said...

Actually there is! I know you can give cats something to calm them down. I'll find out.
I LOVED your video though--my little nieces. Wish you could do that more often!!

Rebekah said...
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Anonymous said...

Get them some drugs! My sis did this w/ her cats on the plane rides to and from Vegas, much better. And cat carriers. If they poop/barf/etc, it's confined and easier to clean.

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