Our trip part 1: gallavanting across Germany

I promised pictures from our trip, didn't I? Well now that we're all settled at home in France, here they are (in installments, bien sur). Let's start with all the places we visited in Germany.

Our first sight was good old fashioned German traffic ("stau") on the drive from the Frankfurt airport to Berlin. We were stuck in it for four hours. Passengers gathered on the grassy median to socialize, drink, or ask other drivers what was going on. We tried to stay patient, happy, and awake (stupid jetlag!)

We started our one day tour of Berlin with the Holocaust Memorial in the middle of the city (new since May of 2005). The 2,711 concrete blocks are meant to represent coffins. Despite the somber atmosphere, we can't help but smile for a picture:

Next up, the Brandenburg Gate:

We stopped at a cafe after this (one of many in ten days!). Max poked fun at my dad's compass and insisted that he knew which way was North in his head at all times. For the rest of our ten day trip, my dad would stop randomly, cover his compass, and quiz Max on where North was. What is it with boys and their competition!?

Next, we went to Checkpoint Charlie. Here we are in front of some of the remaining wall. To think we were seven when it came down!

We ate at a Persian restaurant for dinner in eastern Berlin. Here Max is drinking Dugh, a yogurt drink mixed with mint herbs. It was a little salty, and very delicious:

The next day, we drove three hours to Rostock (and nearby Warnemunde) in northern Germany on the Baltic Sea. We ate an incredible seafood lunch in Rostock. We ordered a seafood salad and potato and shrimp soup that were TO DIE FOR.

We hopped on over to Warnemunde, a popular seaside resort, and immediately checked out the candy stands. Because we needed desert, that's why. There was tons to choose from, but these looked especially colorful:

Here we are in front of the Baltic Sea. Way too cold up there to go in, so we battled the wind to take a picture:

Mom and I had ice cream for dinner (spaghetti eis!!). Because we're grown ups and we can!

Max and Dad opted for something "healthier" (ha!) and ate Doner Kebabs while we walked around town:

Never sick of posing:


Anonymous said...

You guys are just so photogenic, no matter that the scenery is also spectacular! We are having a great time with our vicarious vacation!
Love ya, Brenda

Anonymous said...

Eat, pose. Eat, pose. Eat, pose. Really exhausting! Mom

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