Sarah gets a history lesson

I found out some interesting things today during lunch recess. I was having a conversation with a fifth grade teacher (Mr. K) and Coach. Both are probably in their late fifties. The interesting thing about Coach is that he is from eastern Michigan and started teaching in this state in 1984.

This is what Coach told me:

In 1984, my particular district hired hundreds of new teachers. Three hundred of them were from Michigan. When Coach was hired, no one told him about the salary step schedule that doesn't ever get very high, and no one told him that the health care was SUCKY. No one told him that this state doesn't have a teacher's union like Michigan has.

In 1985, a politician decided that every teacher was going to have to take a test to determine whether or not they were qualified to teach; if they didn't pass, they would be fired. There was a huge uproar but nothing to do about it (remember? no union?). It turns out that the test was just a thirty minute thing that basically you could only fail if you were illiterate.

But most of the Michigan teachers decided that was the final straw. Two hundred out of the three hundred left this state after just a year.

Oh, also? No tenure here!! So it looks like I may be an untenured teacher for the rest of my days :)


Anonymous said...

Interesting! And not in a good way...unions definitely have a role to play in the balance of power that keeps things fair in the workplace.

Anonymous said...

If you say the word,(union) in a favorable way the administration will look for reasons to terminate your employment. Even fabricate them.A shirt pocket tape recorder is good to have if they try to intimidate you. The NLRB is on your side .

Hannah said...


Mrs. K1 teacher said...
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Rebekah said...

At least you won't have to change your blog name...

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