So I've officially taught special education in three states. California! Michigan! and now Texas!

Did you know they all have different acronyms for special education terms? You might conduct an IEP in California, but it's called an ARD in Texas. You may hold a MET in Michigan, but that's a Triennial in California, and an FIE in Texas. Confused? You should be :)

On top of new terms for common paperwork, I'm adjusting to a new school culture and new personalities. Let's see, there's a flamboyant kindergarten teacher, an eighty year old resource room teacher (yes, she is actually 80, that's no exaggeration!), and a surly office manager. And I'm still trying to figure out the principal. My school has about 300 students, 85% of which are Hispanic, 13 % are African American, and 2% are Caucasian. The staff is even more diverse!

Despite all the newness, the kids are still the same everywhere I teach. There are those who are a handful and those who are delightful. They are all at that age where deaf kids think it's uncool to be wearing their hearing aids. They are all hoping to succeed, feel good about themselves, and feel cared for by their teacher.

My self-confidence comes back when I'm with my kids!


Anonymous said...

ARD and FIE stand for what? Who would have thunk special ed is really so special in other states that they have their own acronyms.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm...if I taught until I was 80 I would have been in the biz for 57 years!!!

Anonymous said...

Your love for children makes you a great teacher.

Love, dad

Anonymous said...

Be proud of your ability to pronounce words correctly.That is respected by everyone, including Texans.

Randy et Jan said...


Randy et Jan said...

Your kids are either delightFUL or a handFUL. But one thing's for sure....their teacher is wonderFUL!! (beautiFUL too and lots more other FULs! I know, I'm full of it!)

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