Good luck to me!!!

After weeks of looking, we finally settled on a dining room table we were happy with. Max spent lots of time putting it together for me... and now we can finally have people over for dinner!!

Here are some different views from which you can ooh and ahh over it:

Do you see those two shelves underneath? They're really to store stuff or display stuff, but our cats think it's a place for them to lounge! We've been zealous with the water spray bottle....

Anyways, I am lusting over FLOR rugs--I would really love to put one under the table to soften the space up a bit! But since we're trying to be careful with money right now, my best bet in getting one of these incredible rugs is to win one!

So I've entered two different "giveaways" in the hope that my comment will be randomly selected to win a free FLOR rug!! You can enter to win one of your very own here, and here!

Keep your fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Your table looks beautiful--great choice!
Love, Brenda

Anonymous said...

I love it!! What class!! What style! I think I'm're making me covet!! Mom

Rebekah said...

Sarah! It looks SO NICE!! I love the style and I love that it seats up to 6 people! Your home is looking homeier and homeier!

Cristin said...

Looks great! Good luck w the giveaways too!!!

cristin @ simplified bee

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