why yes, we are insane

Yesterday, we spent a whopping 20 straight hours in the car driving from Texas to Michigan. (We're blessed to have the whole week off for Thanksgiving!). We left at 4:20 AM and got there at 1:35 AM (technically 2:35 with the time change). Here are the highlights of the trip:

6:03 AM
Max turns off the radio. We sit in silence for a minute or two. I ask: "So, is this going to be a silent car trip, then?" Max: "SHHHH!"

7:38 AM
Max is driving. He suddenly puts both hands in the air, shouting: "LOOK! No hands!!"

11:45 AM
I say: "Hasn't Barney been great? He's been so content on my lap this whole time, he hasn't even whined."
Barney: "whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine."

5:54 PM
Max: "I couldn't pee in my pants, even if I wanted to."

8:59 PM
Max: "Is time standing still or is it just me?"

11:14 PM
Max: "If it wasn't for Christianity, I'd probably be a sociopath."


Elissa said...

the last comment wraps up my last few days.

Max said...


SharleneT said...

Goodness, I love your trip journal! Looking forward to the next entries, too... Come visit when you can...

Sarah Garb said...

What!? 20 hours of driving!? Holy road trip. You definitely get really desperate for ANYTHING that's even a minute's worth of entertainment on those long drives. Wow. Hope the trip back goes smoothly!

Mrs. Fine said...

I still can't believe that you drove the whole ride in one shot. Have a great week in the Midwest...and the cold temps! ;)

Anonymous said...

My babies are home!!!

Randy et Jan said...

Why yes....you ARE insane! Love you, Mom

Maranda said...

Hahaha!!! My recap was a little more detailed than this but I probably could have gotten away with this. I'll have to try this method for my next holiday recap. LOL! Your 20 hour drive makes my crazy traveling seem like a piece of cake. Wow!

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